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October 14, 2016
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Why Sleep is so Important

I recently had someone tell me they’re fine sleeping only 4-5 hours a night but are still struggling with their weight. Does the amount of sleep we get affect our ability to lose weight?

Our sleep is critical for repairing and rejuvenating our bodies in many ways. A friend of mine, Dan Amen, is a doctor who’s done about 80,000 brain scans on people. He’s looked at three-dimensional views of people’s brains and how the blood flows within them. He has lined up questions regarding all kinds of habits that affect the brain, like “How much do you sleep?” “What medicines are you on?” “Did you play pro football?”

There are numerous habits affecting how your brain looks and how well it’s working.

There is something pretty wild that happens whenever you dip below seven hours of sleep. There is visible damage in certain parts of the brain that control your body composition (your metabolism).

Many people function on five hours of sleep. Here is the question: Although they may be familiar with functioning on this amount of sleep, are they really thriving on it?

You might hear stories about people like Isaac Asimov. He was an author whose work I loved growing up. He could sleep 90 minutes a day and literally spend 17-20 hours a day on his typewriter. He loved that and did reasonably well with it. He is not the norm.


The amount of people who can do well with less than seven hours of sleep a night is slim to none. If you are convinced you’re functioning well with less, give yourself a challenge: For three weeks, make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Observe how you’re functioning. Watch your mood throughout the day. See how you’re feeling about others and your interaction with them. It may seem others have changed for the better, but actually, you’re perceiving them more positively from having more sleep. If you’ve been craving certain foods and having difficulty stopping after one serving, see how that changes, too.

I challenge you to test this out for yourself.

As always, this is about you and your grand experiment in better health.

Sleeping at least seven hours per night is a tool you can use to make a big difference in your life. By last count, we had over 240 studies correlating unexplained body weight and lack of sleep.

In my book, THE ADRENAL RESET DIET, I wrote how the rate in obesity skyrocketed worldwide around 1990. A few weeks ago, a reporter told me an amazing insight I wish I could’ve included in the book: Right around 1990, the rate of people working later shifts (like 4-11 pm or 11 pm-7 am) increased by 30-40%! This is probably one more variable behind this burgeoning obesity crisis!

Sleep is good. Your brain needs it. Give yourself a few weeks of 7-8 hours of good sleep at night, and see how you do. If you’re like most of us, you’re going to feel better, and that is a great thing!

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