Dr. Christianson's Thyroid Reset Program

You’re about to discover how you can reverse symptoms like fatigue, stubborn weight, thinning hair, low libido, bloating, and brain fog in 7 weeks…

…All so you can get back to doing normal things, like waking up with energy so you can take a yoga class, go to lunch with your friends, or play with your kids (or grandkids) and feel like you are 20 (or 30) again.
Can you imagine being productive, and not forgetting everything, (like your keys) all the time? Imagine seeing little flyaway hairs growing instead of seeing more hair than you should in your hairbrush because you’re losing it faster than it can grow. What would it mean to get your sex life back, and not have to take a nap all the time?

This is what you CAN get back to.

Alan Christianson, NMDHi, I’m Dr. Alan Christianson. Over my 2 decades in practice and over 100,000 patient visits, I’ve met so many “healthy” people who struggle needlessly with excess weight, hair loss, low energy, poor sleep, digestion problems and a variety of other health-related symptoms, all due to Hashimoto’s and irregularities with their Thyroid. I want you to know that they are reversible. And while in many cases, these issues are easy to correct, hundreds of thousands of people go without the proper treatment due to inaccurate diagnosis, expensive healthcare costs, or even simple geography.

Since I can only see a limited number of patients in my office, I don’t want there to be any reason that thousands of others can’t benefit from these scientifically-proven, all-natural solutions. The same solutions that have helped so many of my own patients. That’s why I decided to create this program with weekly access to me, no geographical limitations, and at a cost that nearly anyone can afford.

This program has been clinically proven by myself and my team of physicians at Integrative Health. Because of our experience, I know that you can get to perfect thyroid function in just a few weeks.

If you’re struggling with thyroid symptoms, but nothing you’ve tried seems to work, then I encourage you to give the Healing Hashimotos: Thyroid Reset Program a try. It’s different than anything else available, has worked for tens of thousands of my patients, and I’m confident it will work for you too. If Hashimoto’s has kept you from the health you want, I’d like to help you reclaim it so you can live free of those limits.

You’ve got nothing to lose, but so much to gain by enrolling in this program.

Yours in good health,

Dr. C

Your thyroid is the key that literally unlocks your health – like how fast you burn (or store) energy. (Translate that into fat and you start to get the picture.)

And have Great Digestion, Easier Weight Loss, Tons More Energy, Thicker Hair (and a Body that Repairs Itself Again like it was made to do!)

If You’ve Tried Other Programs and Failed…
Your Thyroid is The Missing Puzzle Piece to Everything.

Normally $197, Now Just $97
Secure Transaction - Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Thyroid Controls
How Fast Your Body REPAIRS Itself.

What is the hidden key to avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease? Your thyroid.

How about slow metabolism and weight gain? Thyroid.

Fatigue and joint pain? Thyroid.

Thinning Hair and Nails? Thyroid.

Here’s The Great News…

None of your thyroid issues have to be permanent. Now you can follow a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step program, spanning just 7 weeks that will help you reset your thyroid, and eliminate your obstacles to better health, easier weight loss, more energy, better digestion, less bloating plus much, much more.
Normally $197, Now Just $97
Secure Transaction - Satisfaction Guarantee

The magic of the program is that you’ll get the all the bases covered:

Personal Guidance - from the live group coaching page

Training - from the curriculum and bonus materials

Community - support from your private Facebook group

Sneak Peak Inside The Thyroid Reset Program

Step 1 Diagnosis
  • Do you even have Hashimoto’s?
  • Which tests should you get done?
  • What are the best blood levels to maximize your energy?
Pill Capsule
Step 2 Doses
  • Do you need thyroid meds?
  • What type of thyroid medication is best if you don’t want to be stuck on it for life?  How can you safely come off them?
  • Which everyday supplements hurt your thyroid?
Step 3 Diet
  • Which foods are best long-term for Hashimoto’s?
  • What are the pitfalls of being too restrictive on your diet?
  • Low carb, low fat, paleo, vegan – what is the best thyroid diet for you, personally?
Stomach - Digestion
Step 4 Digestion
  • Do you have leaky gut? If so, how bad is it?
  • How can you heal leaky gut in under 4 weeks?
  • Which thyroid-safe foods can help you rebuild your flora?
Step 5 Detox
  • How do you know if your thyroid is toxic?
  • Where are the top thyroid toxins coming from?
  • How can you pre-tox each day?
Daily Rhythms
Step 6 Daily Rhythms
  • Which do you work on first, your thyroid or your adrenals?  Are your adrenals slowing your thyroid or vice-versa?
  • How can you heal your cortisol levels so that you can lose weight and sleep better?
  • How can you cure insomnia with Hashimoto’s?
Immune System
  • Is EBV your root cause?
  • How can you get rid of it?
  • What about other chronic infections like MARCoNS and SIBO?
Normally $197, Now Just $97
Secure Transaction - Satisfaction Guarantee

The Thyroid Reset Program is for you if:

You have weight gain

You are fatigued

You are losing your hair

You have brain fog and forget simple things

You have skin problems

You are dealing with insomnia

You want natural solutions that are clinically proven to reverse common Hashimoto's symptoms

You have mood swings, irritability, or depression

Need a fresh approach to healing your Hashimoto’s

Hashimoto’s has kept you from the health you want

Want easy action steps so you’ll always know exactly what to do next and you can get going immediately

Want access to detailed training (if you want to learn more and go deep).

Want weekly insight from a doctor with over 2 decades clinical experience

Are looking for a program that is accurate, helpful, comprehensive, and user-friendly.

You want a money back guarantee that you’ll love it and that it will help you.

This web-based program gives you on-demand full-access to all of the tools, features and resources, making it incredibly convenient, and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

After hearing from hundreds of people telling me what they were looking for in an online thyroid program, I personally designed this to not only revolutionize the treatment of thyroid-related health issues, but also provide complete privacy and convenience to address the hectic, busy lifestyle so many of us juggle each day.

The web-based delivery of this program makes it easier and more convenient to receive my health guidance.

Inside the program, I will walk you, step-by-step through each week, providing you all the guidance, tools and resources you need to reset your thyroid, and restore your body’s natural, vibrant health and well-being.

Each week, you’ll be provided with new details and steps to follow as you move through the program. And even better, the video-based modules, along with the easy downloadable tools and resources mean you can accurately follow the program at any time, and from anywhere.

There’s never been a faster, easier, or more effective way to take back control of your health and thyroid until now, and there’s simply nothing else like it in the world. And you could be my next health transformation success story in just 7 weeks.

Don’t Spend Another Second Suffering From The Effects Of Irregular Thyroid Function. Enroll in the program today, and get started on your journey toward vibrant health.

Normally $197, Now Just $97
Secure Transaction - Satisfaction Guarantee

Take Control of Your Thyroid
Naturally, So You Can…

Finally, lose weight and keep it off...permanently.

Increase Energy, Eliminate Fatigue & Get Better Sleep

Reduce or Eliminate Swelling and Bloating, and Absorb the Nutrients in the Food You Eat

Get More Restful, Sound Sleep and Allow Your Body to Recharge

Reclaim Your Libido

When You Enroll Today, You’ll Also Receive These Incredible Bonuses

Bonus #1: Designing Your Recovery – putting it all together into your perfect day.
Bonus #2 – Troubleshooting troublesome symptoms. What to do after you’ve already tried everything.

After you’ve gone through the week’s material, I want you to know how you can apply it to your situation. No one will get left behind. I’ll cover your questions in person, live. If you can’t make a call, no problem. You’ll be able to send in your questions in advance and listen to the replay.

Plus, These Expert Bonuses

Dr. Isabella Wentz
Dr. Izabella Wentz

Compounded Medication Strategies

Dr. Sara Gottfried
Dr. Sara Gottfried

Menopause and Hashimoto’s

Dr. Michael Brues
Dr. Michael Brues

Insomnia with Hashimoto’s

Dr. Ben Lynch
Dr. Ben Lynch

Managing MTHF-R, COMT and other genes with Hashimoto’s

Robyn Openshaw
Robyn Openshaw

Vegan Options for Hashimoto’s

Dr. Trevor Cates
Dr. Trevor Cates

Healing Your Skin with Hashimoto’s

Here’s What You Get With The Thyroid Reset Program – Healing Hashimotos…

When you enroll in my Thyroid Reset Program – Healing Hashimotos, you’ll enjoy 7 full weeks of personalized instruction, showing you exactly how to safely reset your thyroid, all from the comfort of your own home, including:

You’ll get 7 weeks of step-by-step instructional videos from Dr. Christianson, showing you exactly how to follow the program, and get the best results.


I’ve also included several convenient and helpful resources to make the process easier, and improve the results you experience from your participation in the program.

Progress Checks

Nothing inspires you to keep going quite like seeing results. That’s why I’ve included a weekly progress measurement tool to show you how far you’ve come each and every week.

Plus Extra Help To Get You Better Results, Faster, So You Can Get Back To Your Life And Enjoy What Really Matters To You.

Normally $197, Now Just $97
Secure Transaction - Satisfaction Guarantee

Stop suffering with thyroid-related health problems.  Help is available, and you can get started today when you join the Thyroid Reset Program.

Normally, a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Christianson would cost you upwards of $1,500.  But with this program, you get access to the exact same program Dr. C prescribes to his patients with Thyroid irregularities, for a mere fraction of the cost of traditional treatment.  In fact, you save over 99% by simply enrolling in this program.

The truth is, getting healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive to be effective.  And that’s exactly why Dr. Christianson created this exclusive program.

Normally $197, Now Just $97
Secure Transaction - Satisfaction Guarantee