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Podcast – Do Pro Athletes Burn Carbs or Fats? with Matt Fitzgerald

On this episode we cover what the best ways to fuel your active body and your active muscles are. Do you have to choose between carbs and fat, and do you know which one is better for fueling your body? Athletes aren’t the only people that need to consider the best way to fuel an active body. Choosing the right fuel makes a big difference in overall health for everyone. I’m joined today by Matt Fitzgerald, endurance sports coach, nutritionist and author of over 20 books.

Podcast – Shattering Pre- and Post-Workout Fueling Myths with Ben Greenfield

Podcast – Shattering Pre- and Post-Workout Fueling Myths with Ben Greenfield

On this episode we’re looking at the best way to fuel your body before a workout and the most effective way to refuel after your workout is done. You’ve probably heard mixed messages about the optimal time of day for consuming the bulk of your calories, whether or not you should graze or snack throughout the day, and whether overnight fasting has any real benefit.

Podcast Is the Dirty Dozen Dirty with Steve Savage

Is the Dirty Dozen Dirty with Steve Savage

On this episode we’re examining the facts behind organic foods and pesticides — which pesticides are the most dangerous, what are the exposure limits for pesticides in the food system, and exactly how much better are organic foods for your health? The Environmental Working Group releases a Dirty Dozen list each year of the foods that are highest in pesticide residue, as well as a Clean 15 list that reports that which produce is the safest to eat. But many people don’t realize that these lists are changing and updated every year, and that the methods used to compile the lists may not be the most accurate or reliable approach to gathering this data.

Summer Bock Sauerkraut Bath Podcast

The Sauerkraut Bath and Other Insights from the Life of a Fermenter with Summer Bock

On this episode we’re taking a look at your gut and the fermented foods that are claiming to increase your overall health. Fermented foods can be good for your intestines, but some fermented foods are actually harmful to your health in certain situations. Oftentimes the fermented foods that are being sold in grocery stores are not the same foods that are being studied in research, and that can make it very difficult to know which fermented foods you should incorporate into your diet.

Do You Have Lyme Disease? Parts 1 & 2 with Dr. Tom Moorcroft

On this episode we’re diving into one of the most misunderstood diagnoses in the medical field — Lyme disease. Do you think you might have Lyme disease? If you’ve been experiencing symptoms that you haven’t been able to explain or are wondering if Lyme disease might be the diagnosis you’ve been waiting for, then you need to listen to my conversation with Dr. Tom Moorcroft. Dr. Moorcroft is a world renowned expert on Lyme disease who practices osteopathic medicine and focuses his work on finding the true causes behind the symptoms of those who may be suffering from Lyme disease.

Which Lectins Are the Most Dangerous? with David Katz, MD

On this episode we’re discussing lectins, the naturally occurring proteins that are found in most plants. Are they dangerous? Which ones are the most dangerous? What do you do about high lectin foods that are otherwise healthy? Lectins are a hot topic in today’s health conversations and the research seems to be both confusing and inconclusive. Joining me to break down this controversial topic is Dr. David Katz, author and founder of the Preventive Research Center. He has a strong background in public health and a solid understanding of how to weigh medical evidence accurately. He has joined me today to share his research-based opinions about the benefits and risks of keeping lectins in your diet.

How Much Thyroid Medication is Too Much? Parts 1 & 2 with Janie Bowthorpe, M.Ed.

On this episode we’re going to wrap up our examination of current thyroid disease issues. Have you ever wondered if it is okay to take higher doses of thyroid medication, even if your blood tests say you’re getting too much? Many patients say that they don’t feel better until their hormone levels are much higher than is recommended. I’m joined today by Janie Bowthorpe, thyroid patient activist and author who feels it is important to disregard blood test results.

Further Investigation of the Shocking Link Between Soy and Thyroid Disease, Part 3 with Anthony Dissen, MA, RDN

On this episode we’re going to continue our examination of the link between soy and thyroid disease. I want you to consider the sum total of knowledge on this topic and the general scientific consensus of evidence from real human studies, not just the shocking results of one or two outlier studies. To help with the conversation I’m joined by Anthony Dissen, professor of public health at Stockton University. He is a nutritionist and is active in many non-profits in the cancer world, and is a scholar of plants and specifically soy.

Uncovering the Shocking Link Between Soy and Thyroid Disease, Part 1 & 2 with Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD

On this episode we’re going to begin our examination of the link between soy and thyroid disease. As I have spent time deep in the research, my opinion of the correlation between the two has changed over the years. My goal for this three-episode series is to have conversations with people with strong views from both sides of the argument of the link between soy and thyroid disease.

Can Your Breast Implants Cause Autoimmune Disease? With Dr. Anthony Youn, M.D.

On this episode we’re talking about the connection between breast implants and thyroid disease. Awareness of Breast Implant Illness (BII) is growing in the medical community, and today we’re going to answer some of the most pressing questions surrounding this topic. Who is at a greater risk for developing an illness after implants? Is implant removal the only solution for those with Hashimoto’s disease? If you already have implants what are your options?

Do You Really Need Vaccines to Stay Healthy?, Part 1 & 2, With Dr. Max Cohen, N.D.

On this episode we’re talking about one of the most controversial topics in the medical field today — vaccines. Are vaccines safe and do you really need them to stay healthy? I’m joined by Dr. Max Cohen, naturopathic physician and passionate advocate for vaccines as an essential part of whole health natural care.

Introducing the Podcast
Between the latest online fads and the crazy media headlines, it’s easier than ever to get confused about your health. If you want to make better decisions about your health today so you can feel better and live longer, you’ve come to the right place.

On this first episode of Medical Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales, I offer an overview of all that you can expect from each episode.