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August 7, 2017
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August 9, 2017

The Secret is out. Please toss your antiperspirant and rethink your deodorant :(

Have you heard about the risks between antiperspirants and breast cancer? The association is getting scarier.

Aluminum has been called into question for years. The final information is still equivocal but there are some strong plausible risks.

Aluminum is a known endocrine disruptor. In theory, it would not absorb across intact skin, but the biggest danger comes from those who shave their underarms before applying it.

Your body’s lymphatic system brings anything absorbed in the armpit area straight into the breast tissue.

It seems to build up in the upper outer quadrant of breast tissue, which is where the majority of breast cancers are found. Many thought it was just because this was the largest part of the breast, but now we know that before the widespread use of aluminum based antiperspirants, breast cancer showed up more often in other parts of the breast.

Deodorants don’t block perspiration so they typically don’t contain aluminum. However, many of them are made with other estrogenic chemicals that could still be harmful.

Here are some items to look out for in deodorants and skin lotions that could be applied to the underarms or the breasts.

I’ll follow up soon with some ideas on safer options. In the meantime, I’d love feedback on any that you’ve found.


To your health,

Dr. C

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