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July 31, 2017
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August 2, 2017

No Place Like Home

Hey There,

Kirin, Ryan and I just got home this morning.

We had a 3 week working vacation and could not be happier to be home. Kirin put together tons of new recipes for all of us, and I finished the detailed outline of my next book.

I’m so proud of my son. He finished his first book right on schedule! Now we’re working with an editor and a designer. Our goal is to have him be an official published author before he turns 14 in September. If you like sci-fi or action, you’ll love his story. Imagine Star Wars meets The Martian. I’ll keep you posted.

We also got to meet up with one of our dearest friends, Andrea Nakayama, our partner in the Hashimoto’s Institute.
The trip was lots of fun but wow, did I miss our kitchen!

Fun travel tip – always bring a hammock. I kept one in my backpack at all times and got to use it nearly every day.

You can find great ones for under $30 that weigh about 1/2 of a pound and take up as little space as a water bottle. Find yourself a nice spot in the shade by some water and have your family pile in.

It’s no coincidence that when we’re really relaxing and spending time with others we say we’re ‘hanging out.’

Now that it’s all said and done, I think we’re all eager to be back to routines at home and soon back to those that revolve around school.

Hope you’ve been having a great summer also.

To your best health,
Dr. C

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