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November 6, 2017
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Meeting Your Heroes

Have you ever had the chance to befriend a public figure you’ve followed for decades? It is a powerful experience that you will not forget.

Over the course of my medical practice, I’ve often met people who are famous actors, athletes, or musicians. Sometimes afterward they would comment about how thankful they were that I did not fawn over them or act self-conscious.

The truth is, that I am so out of touch with pop culture, I rarely knew they were famous until after the fact.

I’ve paid more attention to authors and scientists.  To me, they deserve the most public attention.

Starting in 1989, Deepak Chopra released Quantum Healing and followed up the next year with Perfect Health.

These were my first exposure to the world’s oldest system of medicine – Ayurveda.

Recently I had the chance of joining Deepak for a dinner and got to spend the evening with him and I was not disappointed. He’s a brilliant man and is able to extemporaneously speak with fluency on topics of meditation, neuroscience and cosmology.

Without talking to him in person, I would have never known how deeply involved he is with hard science. In the last few years, groups that he has been in have been published in upwards of a dozen of the top science journals.

He gave me a copy of his newest book: You Are the Universe. I’ll keep you posted!

To your best health,
Dr. C

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