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Has Grave’s Disease given you more questions than answers?

Do you need to take harsh medications?

Do you have to go through radiation treatment?

Is surgery necessary?

Will you need to take thyroid pills for life afterwards?

Grave’s Disease is no joke. The symptoms are major. Anxiety, insomnia, tremors, palpitations, bulging eyes, random sweating, fear, panic. I’d wish it on no one.

The first thing to realize is that Grave’s Disease is a disease of your immune system. The earliest steps of it started many years before the symptoms became obvious and you got diagnosed.

The message I have for you is a message of Hope.

My name is Dr. Alan Christianson and for the last 20 years I've been helping people with Grave’s Disease reverse their illness and regain their lives.

Starting in my medical residency, I realized that people with Grave’s Disease weren't being given the best answers.

The conventional world told them that they had to do dangerous procedures or take harsh medications forever.  Alternative practitioners told them they could take herbs like Lycopus, Leonoris, or Lemon balm and these would magically make Grave’s go away. Neither of those sides had the truth.

I didn't buy into either of these approaches, rather I studied the literature and worked with more and more people. Over the years I refined my approach in order to become more effective.

I now know who with Grave’s can be cured, how long it takes, and the steps to help make it happen as quickly as possible.

You should know that for over 95% of people who have it, Grave’s Disease is curable. Curable as in done, stopped, and gone.

I’d love to help you reverse your Grave’s Disease and I’ve built the Grave’s Reset Program to help you do just that.


Grave’s also has a genetic component.

You know Grave’s also has a genetic component. Specifically, that means that your kids and siblings are at risk. The training you’ll get won’t just be for you. Some of the simple steps you’ll learn, like how to get right with iodine, can also safeguard your family from developing Grave’s or other forms of thyroid disease.

You’ll learn my 7-Step approach to reversing the cause, managing your thyroid levels, and getting into remission.

Diagnosis - What is Grave’s. Do you have it? If so, why?

Dosages - All about medications, prescription and natural. Which work, which don’t.

Diet - Learn how to build your own Grave’s recovery diet.

Detoxification - Toxins drive the autoimmunity that triggers Grave’s. Get your thyroid squeaky clean.

Digestion - Your gut controls your immunity. Healing your gut is an essential step in teaching your immunity not to attack your thyroid.

Daily rhythms - Grave’s is started by stress. When your daily cortisol cycles are regulated, you won’t relapse.

Designing your recovery - Learn how to manage over the long haul. What to retest when and how to prevent lapsing into hypothyroidism.

Here’s What You Get With The Grave's Solution Program…

When you enroll in Dr. Christianson's exclusive Grave's Solution Program, you'll enjoy 7 full weeks of personalized instruction, showing you exactly how to safely reset your thyroid, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home, including:
Instructional Videos

You’ll get 7 weeks of step-by-step instructional videos from Dr. Christianson, showing you exactly how to follow the program, and get the best results.

Weekly Progress Checks

Nothing inspires you to keep going quite like seeing results.  That’s why we’ve included a weekly progress measurement tool to show you how far you’ve come each and every week.

Helpful Resources

We’ve also included several convenient and helpful resources to make the process easier, and improve the results you experience from your participation in the program.

Testing & Results Follow-Up

Safety is an important part of any health process, so we’ve also included testing and results follow-up tools to monitor your unique results, and customize the program to you.


I’m so confident that you’ll love this program and find it helpful that I’m standing behind it with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

You’ve got nothing to lose except the symptoms of Grave’s disease and all the stress of uncertainty. If you’re willing to give me a chance, I promise to give you my very best content that I’ve seen work countless times.

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Would you like personal help?

Maybe you’re worried that your situation will be different. Maybe the program won’t cover all of your questions.

For a limited time I’ll also show up for you in person with a live Q&A Call. I want to be sure nothing stands in your way.

Please join the Grave’s Reset Program today. Do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones.

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To your best health,

Dr. C

Alan Christianson, NMD

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