July 23, 2016
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July 25, 2016

Breaking Study: Carbs vs Ketosis


KetosisWhich works better for fat loss, carbs or ketosis? A group of low carb enthusiasts designed a study to answer the question. In it, participants were divided into two categories. They all lived in a metabolic ward which means their food was controlled by the researchers. One group ate a high carbohydrate diet (50% carbs;) while the other group was on a ketogenic diet at 5% carbohydrates.

Each group ate the same number of calories. The diets were not intended to cause weight loss, but they did. The researchers were shocked to see that those on the ketogenic diet took 1 month to lose as much fat as those on the high carbohydrate diet did in the first two weeks.

Ketosis does cause your body to burn fat but not the fat from your body, only the fat from your diet. Dr. Stephen Guyanet discussed this on concept with me on my podcast.

He’s also written up a great review of the study HERE.

Remember that an extreme diet is usually not a healthy diet. You need some carbs. Focus on good ones like lentils, sweet potatoes, or buckwheat and eat more of them later in the day as outlined in the Adrenal Reset Diet.