April 9, 2018
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Have You Ever Checked Your Lipoprotein a?

Have you ever checked your lipoprotein a? You might not have heard about it before, but we can consider it a very important market for our overall health. It is considered to be the single most important genetic predictor for heart disease. Today, I want to dive into what it […]
April 2, 2018

The Complete Thyroid Medication Guide

Have you been looking for the perfect underactive thyroid medication? There are so many options, it can often be difficult to figure out which one is best for your health. Whether you are looking or you are currently on medication, you need to know which is best. Today, let me […]
March 26, 2018

Goitrogens & Goitrogen Clarity

Feel like you need a refresher on goiter and goitrogen, or feel like you did not have enough information in the first place? It is so important to know all that you can, to help your thyroid and improve your health. Let’s dive into it right now…
March 19, 2018

How Much Iodine Do You Need For Thyroid Disease?

Today, I want to talk to you about iodine. More specifically, I want to discuss how much iodine you need for thyroid disease. You might have noticed that I recently shared an article about how 78% of people can reverse thyroid disease with iodine restriction. Since then, I have gotten […]
March 12, 2018

IBS: The Myths, The Facts, and How You Can Fix It Today

Do you have IBS? If you are feeling discomfort, or undergoing tests in hopes of finding an explanation to your digestive symptoms, there could be an easy answer. Let me help you get to the bottom of your digestive health….
March 5, 2018

Is SIBO a real condition?

Do you have SIBO? Have you heard about it? I set out to write a simple guide about which diet would help SIBO the most. Once I got started in the science, something entirely different emerged. Please take a deep breath and sit down – you’re in for a wild […]
February 26, 2018
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Is The Ketogenic Diet Safe For Those With Thyroid Disease?

In 2017, one of the most highly-searched terms was “ketogenic diet.” But is it safe for those with thyroid disease? The short answer is ‘no.’ Let’s find out why right now.
February 19, 2018

Adrenal 101: The Myths and The Science Behind Adrenal Stress & Fatigue

Are you prepared to hear the powerful truth behind the myth of adrenal fatigue? While you might have heard the term before, chances are you are not getting the whole story. I want to help you learn a little bit more, and to guide you through the action steps that […]
February 12, 2018

How Ordinary Mushrooms Can Be Your Personal Superfood

How much do you know about everyday superfoods? This is a topic that I absolutely love to talk about, and can really benefit your health in so many ways. We often don’t think about the simple foods that we can add to our diets to feel better, and today I […]
February 5, 2018

Histamine Intolerance: Do you have it and can you avoid it in your diet?

How much do you know about histamine intolerance? Whether you are new to the term, have heard about it around, or have been diagnosed with it, I want to uncover a little bit more about what we mean when we talk about this concept – and what it means to […]