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December 11, 2017
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December 13, 2017

12 Days of Christianson BONUS – Q&A call with Dr. C

Hi There,

I am back from my writing retreat and the manuscript is now complete!

Hopefully, you have been enjoying the 12 Days of Christianson while I have been gone. Because I’d like to give you another gift in addition to all the giveaways there.

An adrenal Q&A call with me (it’s my gift to you).

Do you have any questions for me? Because if you do, I’m hosting a LIVE Q&A call (Don’t worry….if you miss it, it will be recorded and I am happy to leave the replay up for a few days too).

In the past, I have received hundreds of questions for my free Q&A calls, you will want to ask your question ahead of time HERE:

Event Page

Monday, Dec. 18th
5pm EST

I look forward to answering your questions next week!

In Good Health,

Dr. Christianson

PS- I was originally only going to give this to those who attended the Adrenal Reset Summit, but then I realized there might be more people who had adrenal questions. So if you do, I’d love to help.

Send your questions in advance here: Q&A call 

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