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The Evolution Of The Shake

The Key To Weight Loss Success: What's In Your Shake?

Dr. Christianson's Adrenal Reset Shake
With EXCLUSIVE Resistant Fiber Formula

The Reset Shake is the first product to use the power of resistant fiber to correct adrenal function, help you lose weight, sleep better, reduce food cravings, and stabilize your blood sugar. How is this possible? Resistant fiber is the only type of carb that does not cause you to raise insulin or cortisol. This keeps your body in an energy producing, fat burning mode. The Reset Shake also helps improve digestion, heal leaky gut and gently detoxify your body. It is free of all processed sugars. The only sweeteners are natural apple pectin and stevia extract. Click here to get your Adrenal Reset Shake so you can succeed in  your weight loss journey!

67 Recipes To Help You Lose Weight & Feel Energized!

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