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Welcome to my virtual office where the door is always open!

You may be here because you’re looking for healthy living tips…

… like how to exercise and eat for radiant vitality. Check out my blog and YouTube channel frequently because I post weekly, if not daily. For my most popular videos, go to my Media page where I’ve put them in one place, right at your fingertips. (You’ll catch me unicycling in the mountains too!)

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You may be visiting because you are suffering from thyroid disease and related symptoms.

I know how you feel. At 12-years old I was overweight, exhausted and couldn’t even play with other kids. I was depressed and in a great deal of pain. But, my mind was sharp as could be and I researched and studied until I found a way to heal myself.

After over 50,000 patient visits and spending the better part of the past 16 years focusing my practice on thyroid disease, I’ve come to know the lay of the land well. My track record is well over a mile long now and I’m lucky to say that I get lots of happy letters from patients that you can read over here.

Contact my office if you wish to come in and we can get you on the road of recovery.

Are you a doctor, looking for ways to best educate yourself and support your patients with thyroid-related maladies?

You’ve stumbled upon a goldmine.

I’ve studied & researched extensively using only top-notch, reliable sources and attended trainings by the American Thyroid Association, the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists, Alternative ND’s, MD’s and DC’s. A great place for you to start benefitting from my knowledge and experience is my Physician’s Training page.

I’m really glad you’re here and that you’ve found the information you’ve been searching for.

In good health,